Sweet Mama Mel

Sweet Mama Mel

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, I had my heart set on owning my own business from a young age. Once I started learning about and experimenting with making homemade nut butters, I knew that I had found my niche. We set out to fill a gap in the industry, offering flavored nut butters & are grateful for all who have supported our efforts. I hope you enjoy our Sweet Spreads!



With a background in fitness and Natural Bodybuilding, I’ve been a big fan of nut butters as a way of getting more healthy fats into my diet. When Mel wanted to start making her own nut butters, I of course gave her my full support. We’re so proud of what Sweet Spreads has become and hope you enjoy these flavored nut butters as much as we do!

Our Mission

We aim to create foods that combine the aspects of healthy foods in a very tasty way. Join us on our path to spreading the word about Sweet Spreads Flavored Coconutter!


We’ve relied on our community, from day one, to help get the word out about our passion and our products. We would be nowhere without our loving Social Media fans and followers. Thanks isn’t enough for what you’ve all done to help us!

Why Coconut Butter

Sweet Spreads was founded on the concept of “CocoNutter”, an all-natural flavored coconut butter. CocoNutter is a coconut based spread that has many health benefits from improvements in hair, skin and nails to increases in athletic performance.

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How Athletes Can Enhance Performance with Coconut Butter

As an athlete, you will need to focus on the foods that you’re consuming. Although nothing can substitute your training efforts, proper nutrition can allow you to take your training to the next level. By providing your body with ample amounts of nutrients, you...
Sweet Mama Mel