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STORE OWNERS: We’re extremely happy to announce that Sweet Mama Mel’s CocoNutter is exclusively distributed by Europa Sports Products! Contact us or your local Europa Sales Representative for more information.

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Chocolate Brownie Coconutter

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Our mission is to create and provide delicious, All Natural products that revolutionize healthy eating. We take pride in crafting our Coconut Butters with the finest ingredients available!

All Natural Coconut Butters

Need A New Recipe ?

There are quite a few different ways to enjoy Coconutter, so we had a great idea! We put together a recipe section… with everything from Chocolate Covered Pretzel Cupcakes to Sweet Potato Protein Cheesecake!

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How Athletes Can Enhance Performance with Coconut Butter

As an athlete, you will need to focus on the foods that you’re consuming. Although nothing can substitute your training efforts, proper nutrition can allow you to take your training to the next level. By providing your body with ample amounts of nutrients, you...
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